At Francis Details, we don’t just clean cars; we breathe new life into them. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and an unbridled passion for automobiles, we redefine what it means to care for your prized vehicles.

Service Includes


Quality Cleaning Products




Interior Detailing


Exterior Detailing


Paint Treatment



Picasso Full Detail

Starting at $300


Perfect for clients aiming to bring interior and exterior to factory fresh condition. Vehicle deeply vacuumed, full interior shampoo/leather restored, steam sanitizing, exterior washed w/ 2 bucket method , door/trunk jambs and ceramic sealant. *Note-Pet hair/sand removal will be an additional $25-$50!Price will vary depending on the condition of the vehicle! Add engine bay detail, clay bar and paint enhancement for additional charge.

Clay N Wax

Starting at $200


Perfect for clients seeking to enhance their paint gloss and bring a “Woww” factor to it. Vehicle washed w/ 2 bucket method and clayed, deep wheel cleaning, machine applied wax then followed up with a minor vacuum and minor interior wipe down.

Philippe Starck Full Interior Only

Starting at $200


Perfect for clients aiming to reset their interior back to factory fresh condition. Interior is deeply vacuumed in every crack and crevice, full shampoo/leather restored, steam sanitizing, and air freshener(optional). *NOTE-Pet hair and sand removal will be an additional $20 to $50. Price will vary depending on the condition of the vehicle! Add a basic exterior foam bath and/or leather coating for an additional charge.

Keith Haring Minor Interior Only(2-3 hours)

Starting at $100


Perfect for clients aiming to give their interior a moderate refresh. Interior is lightly vacuumed, surfaces/carpets slightly scrubbed and steamed followed with a minor wipe down. *NOTE- Package is NOT intended for interiors that require intensive cleaning and shampooing! Add a basic exterior foam bath for an additional charge.

Bob Ross Maintenance Detail (1-2 hours)

Starting at $65


This is a maintenance cleaning for vehicles that are cleaned on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Vehicle is lightly vacuumed, minor interior wipe down (cup holders included, deep wheel cleaning and exterior washed w/ 2 bucket method and spray wax. Add ceramic sealant for an additional charge.

Andy Warhol's Correction

Choose Andy Warhol’s Paint Correction Services with Francis Details, and let your vehicle become a masterpiece on wheels. Elevate your driving experience and showcase your car’s true brilliance with the unparalleled artistry of our paint correction offerings. Your car deserves the best, and at Andy Warhol’s, we turn every detail into a work of art.

Why Paint Correction?

Unleash the true potential of your vehicle’s paintwork as our skilled artisans employ cutting-edge techniques to correct imperfections, scratches, and swirl marks. Francis Details brings a passion for perfection to every project, ensuring your car receives the customized care it deserves. We go beyond conventional detailing, creating a tailored experience that accentuates the unique beauty of your vehicle.

Paint Enhancement

Starting at $250


This enhancement is aimed to give paint a pop in gloss while removing very light swirling. This single stage polish creates a much more rich and lustrous appearance and is the perfect, budget friendly choice for clients who are looking to spruce up their paint.

Minor Paint Correction

Starting at $500


Turn around @5-6 hours
A two stage polish removing minor swirls/scratches, oxidation and dullness from paint caused by improper washing, harsh chemicals and outside elements. This multi stage polish is ideal for those who are looking for a major improvement in paint appearance.

Full Paint Correction

Starting at $800


Coupes-$800 / Sedan & Midsize SUVs -$900 / SUVs-$1,000
*Inspection of vehicle required! Call for info

Ceramic Coating

Price Given By Phone


*Inspection of vehicle required! Call for info
1 year
2 year
3 plus year
5-7 year

Add a Full Service Detail

Francis Details is more than a detailing service; we are custodians of your automotive investment. Trust us to provide the meticulous care and attention your car deserves, giving you not just a service but an experience that elevates your driving pleasure.

Explore the Francis Details difference today, where passion meets precision. Your car deserves it.


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